Why is Pixel Photo Fest Taking Place in Cleveland?

Since 2014, Pixel Connection has been headquartered in Avon, about 20 miles west of Downtown Cleveland. 

The city’s beautiful skyline is small but mighty, tattooed on the biceps of numerous Clevelanders. At nearby Edgewater Beach, crowds gather to watch the sunset over the city, casting a shadow over the iconic Cleveland script sign. And every day thousands of people walk underneath a giant, electric chandelier towering over the second-largest theater district in the nation (only after Broadway!). 

Many people have asked us, “Why Cleveland?” but for a photography festival meant to bring creatives together, we believe there’s no place better than our city on the rise. We want people to feel inspired by their surroundings and show that photography lives and thrives in Cleveland. 


We chose Cleveland State University (CSU) specifically as our festival venue because it’s right in the heart of the action. Pixel Photo Fest (PPF) isn’t limited to indoor classes, scribbling down notes while a speaker delivers a PowerPoint presentation. Attendees will have the opportunity for hands-on sessions and photo walks outside of the hall.

In the immediate area, CSU has public art, cityscapes, art galleries, historic buildings, and modern architecture. In addition to awakening a creative mindset, CSU has the perfect set of amenities for a festival. The event hall is spacious and fantastic hotels and restaurants can be found within a short walking distance of campus.

This location also gives attendees a chance to enjoy Cleveland nightlife after the festival ends each day. Cleveland has a laundry list of high-quality restaurants and bars so you can continue networking and meeting fellow photographers long into the night. PPF will have organized meetups designed for this exact purpose.

Get ready to be inspired, thrive creatively, and shoot some of your best work in Cleveland. 

Pixel Photo Fest takes place September 13-15 at the Conference Pavilion at Wolstein Center, located on Cleveland State University’s campus at 2000 Prospect. Ave E, Cleveland, OH 44115. 

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Speaker Spotlight: Bryan Minear


“The idea of capturing a unique moment in time has always been intriguing to me. Expanding on that simple concept is what continues to drive my work forward to this day.”

-Bryan Minear

Bryan Minear is a Midwest-based designer and fine art and landscape photographer. He’s also a father, Star Wars nerd, and self-proclaimed pizza connoisseur.

Get to know Bryan before seeing him speak at our 2019 Pixel Photo Fest.


He fell in love with the process and soon picked up a DSLR to supplement his design work. Before he knew it, he was teaching himself to use off-camera strobe lighting for portraits and building a business. After a couple of years, he realized his passion wasn’t in portrait photography, but in more creative pursuits.

What he shoots

In 2015 he decided to pursue fine art photography as a primary creative outlet. Before long, he started gaining some steam on Instagram and attracting clients large and small. Today, he shoots landscape, lifestyle, and commercial photography as a career while still working a full-time job as a Graphic Designer.


What he shoots with

Since picking up the original X100 in 2011, Fujifilm X Series cameras have transformed his style and technique, and have since become his gear of choice for all aspects of his work.

Why he shoots

Bryan’s goal is to portray atmosphere and emotion through his work. Whether shooting locally in the Midwest or traveling and teaching around the world, Bryan hopes to leave an impact on the world. His interests are broad, but can be best boiled down to a concentration in fine art and landscape photography.

From weddings and commercial work to his true passion landscape and cityscape photography, Bryan has been a part of the industry for over 10 years and is only just getting started traveling and teaching workshops.

What to expect from Bryan at Pixel Photo Fest

Join Bryan for a full day hands-on workshop. In the classroom he will walk you through the stories and setup behind some of his favorite shots.

He'll be explaining how to scout locations, walk you through how to choose a composition, and even demonstrate his process up until the finished edit. You'll also get a complete demonstration of his work flow and post processing techniques. Later in the day, Bryan will also demo some of his favorite gear. Join him on a sunset excursion in downtown Cleveland where he will further discuss his approach to capturing the city.


WEBSITE: www.bryanminear.com

INSTAGRAM: @bryanminear

FACEBOOK: bryanminear

TWITTER: @bryanminear

Hear and learn from Bryan and other award-winning photographers at this year’s Pixel Photo Fest September 13-15 at Cleveland State University!

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Pixel Photo Fest 2019 Now Live!


Hey Everyone!

We just made Pixel Photo Fest 2019 live! We are incredibly excited to bring Cleveland this Photo Fest in mid September of 2019. Attendees can expect a wide range of classes and workshops that covers topics such as; wedding photography, portrait photography, editing, videography, family photography, landscape and travel, and so much more. That really only scratches the surface of what is Pixel Photo Fest 2019!

Our speaker list is growing and we’ll continue to add to it. So far we have signed on;

  • Scott Robert Lim

  • Bryan Minear

  • Griffin Hammond

  • Michele Celentano

  • Kara Mercer

  • Jim Koepnick

  • Sarah Beirne

  • Ryan White


The speakers and educators will be a holding a variety of classes. One day you can be on a full day wedding workshop with Scott Robert Lim and then next you could learn about audio intricacies for your next big film project.

We have a lot more to share with you so stay tuned!